Metallorganische Lewissäuren, V [1] Reaktionen von Carbonyl-η5-cyclopentadienylmolybdä ntetrafluoroboraten (η5-C5H5)MO(CO)2(L)FBF3 (L=CO, PR3) mit Phosphanen und Alkenen / Organometallic Lewis Acids, V [1] Reactions of Carbonyl-η5-cyclopentadienyl Molybdenum Tetrafluoroborates (η5-C5H5)Mo(CO)2(L)FBF3 (L = CO, PR3) with Phosphanes and Alkenes

Karlheinz Sünkel 1 , Herbert Ernst 1  and Wolfgang Beck 1
  • 1 Institut für Anorganische Chemie der Universität München, Meiserstraße 1, D-8000 München 2


Tetrafluoroborate complexes (η5 -C5H5)Mo(CO)2(PR3)FBF3 have been prepared by hydride abstraction from the corresponding hydrido compounds using Ph3CBF4. The tetrafluoroborate ligand in (η5 -C5H5)Mo(CO)2(L)FBF3 (L = CO, PR3) is easily sub-stituted by phosphanes, cis-and trans-butene(2), a-acetamidocinnamic acid and buta-diene. Nucleophilic addition of HNMe2 to the butadiene complex [(η5 -C5H5)Mo(CO)3 butadiene)]+BF4- gives the β-aminoacyl chelate compound 7.

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