Cyclisation of 1-Phenyl-4-carboxymethylmercapto-5-arylazo-hydantoins

A. F. A. Shalaby 1 , M. A. Abdel Aziz 1 ,  und S. S. M. Boghdadi 1
  • 1 Chemistry Department, Faculty of Science, Cairo University, Giza, Egypt

Abstract 1

-Phenyl-4-carboxymethylmercapto-5-arylazo-hydantoin derivatives (3a-f) were cyclised with acetic anhydride to give the bicyclic products (4a-f). Compounds 4 a, b condensed with aromatic aldehydes in acetic acid and in presence of anhydrous sodium acetate yielding the corresponding arylidene derivatives (5a-c). Compounds 4a, b also couple with aryldiazonium salts to give the expected coloured arylazo compounds (6a-j). 4 a, b reacted with formaldehyde and primary aromatic amines in ethanol to give the corresponding Mannich bases (7a-f).

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