Beiträge zur Synthese von Cystinpeptiden, dargestellt am Beispiel der Totalsynthese von Humaninsulin* / Contributions to the Synthesis of Cystine Peptides Illustrated by the Total Synthesis of Human Insulin

Bruno Kamber 1
  • 1 Chemische Forschungslaboratorien der Division Pharma der Ciba-Geigy AG, CH-4002 Basel


The formation of disulfide bonds in separate chemical steps in a cystine peptide containing several cystine residues is exemplified by the synthesis of human insulin. The synthetic methods which made this approach feasible were 1) the thiol-induced fragmentation of sulfenyl thiocarbonate derivatives and 2) the conversion of S-trityl- and S-acetamidomethyl cysteine peptides to cystine peptides by oxidation with iodine.

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