Zur Reaktion von (η3-Allyl)- (η5-cyclopentadienyl)palladium mit 2,3-Bis(diphenylphosphino)- maleinsäureanhydrid / Reaction of (η3-Altyl)(η5-cyclopentadienyl) Palladium with 2.3 - Bis (dipheny lphosphino) maleic Anhydride

D. Fenske 1  and A. Christidis 1
  • 1 Anorganisch - Chemisches In stitut der Universität Münster, Gievenbecker Weg 9, D-4400 Münster


3 -Allyl) (η5 -cyclopentadienyl) palladium reacts with bis(diphenylphosphino)maleic an-hydride to form a complex in which the C5H5 ligand is inserted into a P-C bond of the phos-phine ligand. The high yield (>95%) suggests that this reaction takes place within the co-ordination sphere of palladium. The structure is studied by x-ray crystal structure analysis.

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