Tl4Ge4Se10, ein Thallium(1)selenogermanat mit adamantananalogem Anion [Ge4Se10]4- / Tl4Ge4Se10, a Thallium(I) Selenogermanate with the Adamantane-Like Anion [Ge4Se10]4-

Günther Eulenberger 1
  • 1 Institut für Chemie der Universität Hohenheim, Garbenstraße 30, D-7000 Stuttgart 70


Tl4Ge4Se10 crystallizes in space group C2/c with a = 15.602(6), b = 15.549(5), c = 9.052(3) Å, β - 107.10(3)° and Z = 4. The compound was prepared by fusion of a stoichiometric mixture of Tl2Se and GeSe2. The crystal structure is characterized by adamantane-like anions [Ge4Se10]4- and Tl+ cations. Tl4Ge4Se10 is iso-structural with Tl4Ge4S10 [1].

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