Notizen: Zur Synthese mehrfach borylierter Ferrocene/Synthesis of Polyborylated Ferrocenes

Bernd Wrackmeyer 1 , Udo Dörfler 1  and Max Herberhold 1
  • 1 Laboratorium für Anorganische Chemie der Universität Bayreuth, Postfach 10 1251, D-W-8580 Bayreuth

Ferrocene reacts with an excess of boron triiodide or boron tribromide in hexane solution to give mixtures of 1,3,1′-tris- and 1,3,1′,3′-tetrakis- (dihalogenoboryl)ferrocene. The borylation proceeds stepwise, the intermediates being essentially the known dihalogenoborylferrocene and 1,1′-bis- (dihalogenoboryl)ferrocene compounds, although small am ounts of 1,3-bis(dihalogenoboryl)- ferrocene can also be identified. 1H, 11B and 13C NMR data are given.

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