Die Bestimmung von Wasserstoff in Metallen, Metallhydriden und Hydridhalogeniden/Determination of Hydrogen in Metals, Metal Hydrides and Hydrid Halides

Roland Eger 1 , Hansjürgen Mattausch 1  and Arndt Simon 1
  • 1 Max-Planck-Institut für Festkörperforschung, Heisenbergstraße 1, D-W -7000 Stuttgart 80

The hydrogen content in NbH0.177, G d H 2, and the chlorides and brom ides of the type LnXHn (Ln = Y, Gd; 0.67 ≤n≤ 1.00) is determined. The samples are burnt in an oxygen atmosphere and the H2O produced in the combustion process is potentiometrically titrated with an accuracy of ± 3% (Karl-Fischer method).

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