2-Phosphinotetrazole und ihre Überführung in 1,3,4,2 λ5-Thia- und -Selenadiazaphosphol-Dimere/2-Phosphinotetrazoles and their Transformation to 1,3 ,4 ,2 λ5-Thia- and -Selenadiazaphosphole Dimers

Alfred Schmidpeter 1  and Georg Jochem 1
  • 1 Institut für Anorganische Chemie der Universität München, Meiserstraße 1, D-W-8000 München 2

Potassium 5-phenyl- and 5-methyltetrazolate react with chlorophosphines to give selectively the corresponding 2-phosphinotetrazoles 1. Oxidation by sulfur and selenium leads to 2-thioand 2-selenophosphinoyltetrazoles (6 , 7) which on heating loose nitrogen and yield the dimers 8 , 9 of thia- and selenadiazaphospholes. N-Phosphinoylnitrilimines are assumed to be formed as intermediates. The small 1JSeP coupling constants indicate that the selenium atoms occupy axial positions in the tbp coordination of phosphorus in 9.

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