Von Fluorsilylamiden zu Element-Silylamiden und Iminosilanen

Michael Jendras 1 , Uwe Klingebiel 1  and Mathias Noltemeyer 1
  • 1 Institut für Anorganische Chemie der Universität Göttingen, Tammannstr. 4, D-37077 Göttingen, Germany

Ethyltrifluorosilane reacts with tert-butyllithium in a molar ratio 1:2 to give Et(CMe3)2SiF (1), which forms the aminosilane, Et(CMe3)2SiNH2 (2) in the reaction with NaNH2. The lithium salt of 2 and (Me3C)2SiF2 gives (Me3C)2SiF-NHSi(CMe3)2Et (3). 3 reacts with BuLi to give the lithium salt, (Me3C)2 SiF-NLi-Si(CMe3)2Et (4). tert-Butyl-(di-tert-butylfluoro)-silylaminoalanes (Me3C)2SiF-NCMe3-AlR2, R = Me (5), Et (6) are formed in the reaction of (Me3C)2SiF-NLi CMe3 (I) and ClAlR2. The lithium salt (Me3C)2SiF-NLi-Si(CMe3)2Me (III) reacts with BF3 under formation of the bis(silyl)aminodifluoroborane (Me3C)2SiF-N(BF2) Si(CMe3)2Me (7). In the reaction of I with F3SiPh rotamers of (Me3C)2SiF-NCMe3 SiF2Ph (8) are obtained.

Stannyl-silylamines are prepared in reactions of the lithium salts (Me3C)2SiF-NLiR, R = CMe3 (I), SiF(CMe3)2 (II); Si(CMe3)2Me (III) and the chlorostannanes ClSnMe3 (9,10,11) and Cl2SnPh2 (12), (Me3C)2SiF-NSnMe3-Si(CMe3)2R (9: R = F, 10: R = Me), (Me3C)2SiF-NSnMe3CMe3 (11), (Me3C)2SiF-NCMe3SnClPh2 (12). The NMR spectra of 9 and 10 prove the existence of rotamers.

The reaction of III with Me3SiOSO2 CF3 in n-hexane leads to the formation of the tris(silyl)amine 13, (Me3C)SiF-NSiMe3)2Si(CMe3)2Me. However, the analogous reaction of III and 4 with Me3SiOSO2CF3 in thf leads to the formation of the stable iminosilanes 14 and 15, (Me3C)2Si==N- Si(CMe3)R, R = Me (14), Et (15) crystal structures of 7 and 12 are presented.

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