Temperature Dependence of Viscosity and Density of cis-1,4/trans-1,3-Dimethylcyclohexane and Several other Commonly Used Organic Solvents

A. A. Ruth, H. Lesche,  and B. Nickel


The dynamic viscosity (η) of the glass-forming 50:50 mixture of cis-1,4/trans-1,3-dimethylcyclohexane (ct-DMCH) was measured from 293 K down to ≈ 126 K where η ~ 1.2 × 106 mPas. The viscosity measurements of several other commonly used solvents cover the range from 293 K down to ≈ 148 K (η ~ 1.4 × 104 mPas) for 1-propanol (1-Prop), to ≈118 K (η ~ 2.5 × 102 mPas) for 2-methylpentane (2-MP), to ≈ 167 K (η ~ 10.0 mPas) for isooctane (Isooct), to ≈ 183 K (η ~ 2.8 mPas) for cyclopentane (CP) and down to ≈ 98 K (η ~ 4.6 × 102 mPas) for the 30:70 mixture of cyclopentane/isopentane (CP/IP). The density (ρ) of all solvents was measured correspondingly over appropriate temperature ranges. For the solvents studied here, the temperature dependence of the viscosity can be represented by a single Arrhenius term down to ~180 K. Over a wider temperature range down to ~118K the sum of two Arrhenius terms is required, and in the low temperature regime a Vogel–Tammann–Fulcher expression is necessary to adequately describe the temperature dependence of the dynamic viscosity.

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