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Robots that Talk and Listen

Technology and Social Impact

Ed. by Markowitz, Judith

With contrib. by Andrist, Sean / Bugmann, Guido / Connell, Jonathan / Dufty, David / Grondin, Francois / Michaud, Francois / Mirnig, Nicole / Moore, Roger / Mushkin, Steve / Mutlu, Bilge / Nazikian, Fumiko / Ng-Thow-Hing, Victor / Okita, Sandra / Sauppé, Allison / Tscheligi, Manfred / Wagner, Alan / Wolf, Jörg

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    eBook (PDF)
    Publication Date:
    December 2014
    Copyright year:
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    Addresses linguistic skills and technical features needed by robots, as well as the multifacted ability to learn language.

    Aims and Scope

    Robots That Talk and Listen provides a forward-looking examination of speech and language in robots from technical, functional, and social perspectives.

    Contributors address cultural foundations as well as the linguistic skills and technologies that robots need to function effectively in real-world settings. Among the most difficult and complex is the ability to understand and use language.

    Speech-enabled automata are already serving as interactive toys, teacher’s aides, and research assistants. These robots will soon be joined by personal companions, industrial co-workers, and military support automata.

    The social impact of these and other robots extends well beyond the specific tasks they perform. Contributors tackle the most knotty of those issues, notably acceptance of advanced, speech-enabled robots and developing ethical and moral controls for robots.

    Topics in this book include:

    •Language and Beyond: The True Meaning of “Speech Enabled”
    •Robots in Myth and Media
    •Enabling Robots to Converse
    •Language Learning by Automata
    •Handling Noisy Settings
    •Empirical Studies of Robots in Real-World Environments
    •Acceptance of Intelligent Robots
    •Managing Robots that Can Lie and Deceive
    •Envisioning a World Shared with Intelligent Robots

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    Judith A. Markowitz, President, J. Markowitz Consultants, Chicago, IL

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