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What is the architect doing in the jungle? Biornametics.

Ed. by Imhof, Barbara / Gruber, Petra

Series:Edition Angewandte

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    Publication Date:
    January 2013
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    Aims and Scope

    What is the architect doing in the jungle? How can architects and natural scientists immerge into a fruitful dialogue to generate new insights for cross-disciplinary innovation? The book contributes to the current discussion of arts-based research taking the example of the interdisciplinary research project BiornaMetics - architecture defined By natural Patterns. Biornametics is an emerging contemporary design practice that explores a new methodology to interconnect scientific evidence with creative design in the field of architecture. The word biornametics is generated from "ornament", referring to the famous Austrian architect adolf loos, and "biomimetics". it is concerned with the detection of the principles behind processes of emerging and dissolving patterns in animate and inanimate nature. reflections on the architectural direction of Biornametics, issues of arts and science collaboration, and the application of the methodology show a diverse world of thoughts and approaches to the theme.


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