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Nuntiaturberichte aus Deutschland nebst ergänzenden Aktenstücken > Abt. 4: 17. Jahrhundert...

Multi-volumed work

Abt. 4: 17. Jahrhundert

Band 7

Nuntiaturen des Malatesta Baglioni, des Ciriaco Rocci und des Mario Filonardi – Sendung des Alessandro d'Ales (1634-1635)

[Nunciature Reports from Germany. Fourth Section. 7: Nunciatures of Ciriaco Rocci and Malatesta Baglioni, emissary mission of Alessandro d'Ales, nunciature extraordinary of Mario Filonardi]

Rev. by Becker, Rotraud

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    March 2004
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    Aims and Scope

    The volume contains the correspondence between the papal state secretariat and the papal diplomats in Vienna, covering the period November 1634 to end 1635. This was a period both of intensive efforts on the part of the Pope to bring about a general peace congress and of an exacerbation of hostilities in Europe through France's official intervention in the war. The papal nuncios report in detail on their negotiations with Emperor Ferdinand II and his counselors, on their efforts to institute a less suspicious climate between the Imperial court and Pope Urban VIII, and also on many current events in political and cultural life.


    lxxix, 833 pages
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