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Handbook of Israel: Major Debates

Ed. by Ben-Rafael, Eliezer / Schoeps, Julius H. / Sternberg, Yitzhak / Glöckner, Olaf

Red. Weberling, Anne

Series:De Gruyter Reference


159,95 € / $224.00 / £119.99*

Publication Date:
October 2016
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Aims and Scope

The Handbook of Israel: Major Debates serves as an academic compendium for people interested in major discussions and controversies over Israel. It provides innovative, updated and informative knowledge on a range of acute debates. Among other topics, the handbook discusses post-Zionism, militarism, democracy and religion, (in)equality, colonialism, today’s criticism of Israel, Israel-Diaspora relations, and peace programs. Outstanding scholars face each other with unadulterated, divergent analyses. These historical, political and sociological texts from Israel and elsewhere make up a major reference book within academia and outside academia. About seventy contributions grouped in thirteen thematic sections present controversial and provocative approaches refl ecting, from different angles, on the present-day challenges of the State of Israel.

Other Major Works by the Editors:

Eliezer Ben-Rafael
Is Israel One? Religion, Nationalism and Ethnicity Confounded, Brill (2005)
Ethnicity, Religion and Class in Israel, Cambridge University Press (paperback) (2007)

Julius H. Schoeps
Begegnungen. Menschen, die meinen Lebensweg kreuzten. Suhrkamp (2016)
Pioneers of Zionism: Hess, Pinsker, Rülf. Messianism, Settlement Policy, and the Israeli-Palestinan Conflict. De Gruyter (2013)

Yitshak Sternberg
World Religions and Multiculturalism: A Relational Dialectic. Brill (2010).
Transnationalism. Brill (2009)

Olaf Glöckner
Being Jewish in 21st Century Germany. De Gruyter (2015, with Haim Fireberg)
Deutschland, die Juden und der Staat Israel. Olms (2016, with Julius H. Schoeps)


24.0 x 17.0 cm
2 volumes
Type of Publication:
Reference Work

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Eliezer Ben-Rafael, Tel-Aviv Univ.; Julius H. Schoeps, MMZ; Yitzhak Sternberg, Beit Berl Academic College; Olaf Glöckner, MMZ, Potsdam.


"Neue Referenzgröße. Wissenschaftle­rInnen analysieren im „Handbook of Israel“ den israelischen Staat. Es hat das Zeug zu einem neuem Standardwerk. [...] diese [r] Bände [...] werden noch für mindestens zwei Jahrzehnte die unverzichtbare Referenzgröße, ja das herausragende Standardwerk in Israel, den USA und Deutschland sein."
Micha Brumlik in: taz 20.06.2017

“Usually, social scientists describe and analyze Israel in order to promote their own vision, and often to criticize other perspectives. These two solid and impressive volumes propose much more: they voice the debates that this complex, fascinating and important experience has provoked. The reader gets access to these debates, at the best level, and his or her own level of comprehension benefits from these texts that confront the challenges and trials faced by Israel.”
Prof. Michel Wieviorka, École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales (EHESS), Paris

"Das Handbook of Israel ist ein aktuelles Standardwerk mit dem Potenzial, die Debatten über den jüdischen Staat zu qualifizieren und neue Sichtweisen auf das Land und seine Gesellschaft aufzuzeigen."
Jérôme Lombard, Jüdische Allgemeine, 08.12.2016

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