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Bibliothek der Deutschen Literatur...

Multi-volumed work

Bibliothek der Deutschen Literatur

Mikrofiche-Gesamtausgabe nach Angaben des Taschengoedeke

Ed. by Kulturstiftung der Länder

The second supplement is not included in the set price

Hauptwerk und 1. Supplement


The second supplement is not included in the set price

34.000,00 € / $51,000.00 / £30,909.00*

Only available as a complete set.
Microfiche (Silver)
Publication Date:
October 1994
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Aims and Scope

350 years of German literature are now available on microfiche thanks to the Bibliothek der Deutschen Literatur. The Library contains some 15,000 works by almost 2,500 authors. Now at last academics, bibliographers and editors of critical editions can conveniently access some 27,000 volumes of literature.

The bibliographically described works in this renowned literary compendium have been filmed in full and arranged by author for the Bibliothek der Deutschen Literatur (Library of German Literature). The collection primarily contains the novels, stories and poetry of German writers from the Middle Ages until the beginning of the 20th century from Gottfried von Strassburg and Walther von der Vogelweide to Gerhart Hauptmann and Gottfried Keller. But philosophical, theological, ethnic, musical-theoretical and culturalhistorical works of literary rank are also included, such as Nietzsche's writings, Jacob Burkhard's art-historical treatises and Richard Wagner's publications.

An edition of such universal claim and comprehensiveness is rarely easy to bring to a close. Therefore, following the publication of an initial Supplement at the end of the 90s, there now follows a second. It contains 3,350 pieces of writing from more than 120 authors published between 1850 and 1880, and whose work was not included in the main edition of the Bibliothek der Deutschen Literatur until now. In contrast to the preceding publications, the supplement is primarily concerned with Wilpert/Gühring's 'Erstausgaben deutscher Dichtung' (First Editions of German Poetry) (2nd edition 1992).

The complete index for the Bibliothek der Deutschen Literatur provides a key to the contents of the microfiche edition according to author and title, and also covers authors within the regions, literary-historical epochs and subject areas.


22.810 Fiches Silver. Approx. 10.400.000 pages, 17.225 works from approx. 2.500 authors
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