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Prions in Humans and Animals

Ed. by Hörnlimann, Beat / Riesner, Detlev / Kretzschmar, Hans A.

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    Publication Date:
    May 2009
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    Aims and Scope

    This comprehensive work, aimed at both students and researchers alike, systematically covers all aspects of prion diseases (transmissible spongiform encephalopathies), from their history, microbiology and pathology to their transmissibility and prevention. The book describes diseases such as Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, kuru, mad cow disease (BSE), chronic wasting disease and scrapie, highlighting their biochemical, molecular biological, genetic, and clinical aspects. A detailed presentation of the impact of prion diseases in fields such as pharmaceutics, blood products, disinfection, surgical instruments and epidemiology concludes with a discussion of preventive measures.

    A renowned editorial team, representing the fields of medicine, veterinary medicine and molecular biology, brought together 80 internationally respected authors for this translation and new edition of the successful German publication, not only from relevant research fields, but also from industry and public health institutions. The book includes chapters by, among many other notable scientists, William J. Hadlow, who discovered the relationship between the human and animal forms of prion diseases and Michael P. Alpers, with 45 years of experience in Papua New Guinea investigating the first known human epidemic form, kuru, transmitted by endocannibalism.Further contributions fromGerald A. H. Wells, a veterinary pathologist who described BSE and recognised its similarity to scrapie, thus recording the first cases in 1986 of the most important animal epidemic of modern times, and Robert G. Will, a medical neurologist and epidemiologist who discovered the emergence of the variant form of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease in 1996, underscore the strength of this author team.

    Carefully edited with numerous illustrations, this work offers a systematic approach committed to a clear presentation of the current knowledge of prion diseases. It aims to inspire and stimulate interdisciplinary cooperation, innovative research ideas and effective prevention.

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    xxvii, 714 pages
    Type of Publication:
    Specialist Text
    BSE; Creutzfeld-Jakob-Disease; Pathology; Prion; Scrapie
    Libraries of university and academic departmants, research centers and ministries

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    Beat Hörnlimann, SVISS Consulting, Steinhausen, Switzerland; Detlev Riesner, Heinrich-Heine-Universität, Düsseldorf, Germany; Hans Kretzschmar, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, München, Germany.


    Reviews of the German previous edition of “Prionen und Prionen Krankheiten”:

    "The book provides a thorough overview of current prion research. It contains numerous instructive figures and tables. Expert readers also find information that is otherwise difficult to obtain. Another highlight of the book is the practical advice provided, for example the list of chemical disinfection methods that have proven effective in prion decontamination. The book is an invaluable and comprehensive source of information which can either be read through from cover to cover, or used as a reference book.
    Prof Dr. Wolfgang Schlote in: Wissenschaftsmagazin Frankfurt, 4/2002

    "A very interesting book with a huge amount of information."
    Berliner Heilpraktiker Nachrichten, October/November 2001

    "The present book is, in my opinion, the best German-language book on prions and prion diseases currently available. [...] The book is written in a way that it can be understood by a wide range of readers. It is both a textbook as well as a scientific reference book. Unfortunately, space limitations don’t allow me to discuss the book in greater detail. Nevertheless, I can recommend it wholeheartedly to all people interested in prion diseases – physicians, veterinarians and nutrition scientists, as well as the general public.
    Prof. Dr. Norbert Nowotny in: Ernährung, Vienna, June 2002

    Rezensionen der deutschen Auflage:

    "Das Buch gibt durchweg den aktuellen Stand der Forschung wieder. Es ist mit zahlreichen sehr instruktiven Abbildungen und Tabellen versehen. Auch der kundige Leser findet Angaben, die sonst kaum oder nur mit Mühe zu finden sind. Ein weiterer Pluspunkt des Buches ist, dass es auch praktische Hinweise enthält, wie beispielsweise eine Liste der wirksamen chemischen Desinfektionsverfahren bei Prionenkrankheiten. das Buch stellt eine unschätzbare und umfassende Informationsquelle das; man kann es sowohl als 'Lesebuch' wie auch als Nachschlagewerk benutzen; es ist ohne Einschränkung zu empfehlen."
    Prof Dr. Wolfgang Schlote in: Wissenschaftsmagazin Frankfurt, 4/2002

    "Ein hochinteressantes Buch mit einer Fülle an Informationen."
    Berliner Heilpraktiker Nachrichten, Oktober/November 2001

    "Das vorliegende Werk stellt meiner Ansicht nach das derzeit beste deutschsprachige Buch über Prionen und Prionkrankheiten dar.[...] Das Buch ist in einer Weise verfasst, die für einen sehr weiten Leserkreis verständlich ist. Es ist sowohl Lehrbuch als auch wissenschaftliches Nachschlagewerk. Es ist an dieser Stelle leider nicht möglich, näher auf das Buch einzugehen, ich empfehle es jedoch wärmstens allen an Prionenkrankheiten Interessierten, Ärzten, Tierärzten und Ernährungswissenschaftlern genauso wie Politikern, Journalisten und interessierten Laien."
    Prof. Dr. Norbert Nowotny in: Ernährung, Wien, Juni 2002

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