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31. Ausgabe (Deutsche Benutzeroberfläche) /
The Artists of the World. International Database of Artists. CD-ROM


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Updated 2 to 3 times per year.
31st Edition. German User Interface
Publication Date:
December 2009
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Aims and Scope

CD-ROM with English User Interface see ISBN 978-3-598-40976-9

This CD-ROM edition is the biographical reference tool for the visual arts of all genres, ages and countries. It allows to make extensive searches through the prominent biographical standard works on art history. Numerous search criteria lead easily and comfortably to information on painters, graphic artists, sculptors, architects, photographers and artisans.

The current CD-ROM edition contains far more than 1 million documents:

  • biographical profiles of artists registered in the 37 volumes of the Thieme-Becker and the 6 volumes of the Vollmer,
  • complete articles from the volumes of the Allgemeines Künstlerlexikon (AKL) published so far, including the supplementary volumes of the AKL, the Künstlerlexikon der Antike [Dictionary of the Classical World], and the addenda, which are only available in electronic form,
  • short biographies from the editorial database of the AKL, not published in the print edition,
  • biographical profiles from the Bio-Bibliographical Index A-Z (first edition) for the letters G - Z, not yet covered by AKL.

The entries provide basic information on various name forms, artistic and non-artistic activities as well as the artist's life dates and places. There is also reference to the article in the relevant source work.

A wealth of detailed knowledge is available in the published articles of the AKL as well as in the entries from the Künstlerlexikon der Antike: The artist's life dates and cultural surroundings, characteristics of the artist's work and creativity, works and their locations, exhibitions, autobiographical and other writings by the artist, as well as extensive bibliographical details. About 500 documents provide information on the titles used in the entries for the professions.

Each update is enlarged by the articles from the last published volumes of AKL, the unpublished entries on artists and the addenda for the relevant letters.


Type of Publication:
Reference Work
Art History Institutions, Museums, Libraries, Art and Antique Trade, Auction houses, Collectors, Art dealers, Curators

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User language: German; with German structural data; the complete AKL articles are in German
Search modes: Novice search, Expert search
Search Criteria: STRUCTURAL DATA: Name, Pseudonym, Other Name, Wrongly Attrib. Name, Possible Identity, Gender, Artist Occupation, Other Occupation, Country, Year of Birth, Birth Place, Year of Death, Place of Death etc. FULL TEXT: AKL text, Biography, Artist's Writings, Works, Exhibitions, Bibliography, Signature
Further Search Features: Annotation function, Bookmark function, Printing and Saving facilities, Boolean operators, Truncation, User support through index lists and detailed online help, Hyperlinks between related documents, Full text search in AKL records
Software: MKPS Meretz & Kalis Publishing Software

System Requirements

IBM compatible PC with 80386 processor or higher. Minimum: 4 MB RAM (32 MB or more recommended). Minimum: 5 MB free hard disk space for CD installation. Minimum: 660 MB free hard disk space for complete installation. MS-Windows 98/ME/NT 4.0/2000/XP/Vista. CD-ROM drive. Mouse