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Corpus Inscriptionum Iudaeae/Palaestinae...

Multi-volumed work

Corpus Inscriptionum Iudaeae/Palaestinae

A multi-lingual corpus of the inscriptions from Alexander to Muhammad

Volume 1/1

Jerusalem, Part 1: 1-704

Ed. by Cotton, Hannah M. / Segni, Leah Di / Eck, Werner / Isaac, Benjamin / Kushnir-Stein, Alla / Misgav, Haggai / Price, Jonathan / Roll, Israel / Yardeni, Ada

In collab. with Heimbach, Marfa / Schneider, Naomi

With contrib. by Feissel, Denis / Lupu, Eran / Stone, Michael

    169,95 € / $238.00 / £154.50*

    eBook (PDF)
    Publication Date:
    December 2010
    Copyright year:
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    Aims and Scope

    The first volume of the Corpus Inscriptionum Iudaeae/Palaestinae covers the inscriptions of Jerusalem from the time of Alexander to the Arab conquest in all the languages used for inscriptions during those times: Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek, Latin, Syrian, and Armenian. The 1,120 texts have been arranged in categories based on three epochs: up to the destruction of Jerusalem in the year 70, to the beginning of the 4th century, and to the end of Byzantine rule in the 7th century.

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    Edited by an international research team from the Universities of Cologne (Germany), Jerusalem, and Tel Aviv (Israel).


    "In conclusion, these volumes are, and the series as a whole will be, the definitive collection of inscriptions from Israel/Palestine for years to come. The first two volumes alone are a magnificent achievement, and will prove even more useful if a comprehensive index is later published. This collection should be the first port of call for a sober verdict on any inscription which may be of relevance to NT study. In fact, every NT scholar would benefit greatly from idling away a morning or an afternoon going through the texts of these inscriptions."
    Simon Gathercole in: Journal for the Study of the New Testament 35(4), 394-401

    "Unter dem Strich handelt es sich bei dem vorliegenden ersten Teilband des CIIP um ein herausragendes und sehnlich erwartetes Werk, das für alle an der Geschichte Jerusalems Interessierten ein unentbehrliches Hilfsmittel darstellt. Es bietet in fundiert aufgearbeiteter und ausgesprochen benutzerfreundlicher Form eine umfassende Zusammenstellung und fachkundige Kommentierung inschriftlichen Materials, das bislang an unterschiedlichsten Publikationsorten verstreut und zum Teil nur schwer zugänglich war."
    Bernd Kollmann in: Klio 1/2012

    "One of the singular assets of this volume is that each inscription is conveniently accompanied by a good photo and by a transcription and translation, as well as a brief discussion and bibliography. Overall, it is indeed a major enterprise and one looks forward to the other volumes in the series."
    Hagith Sivan in: BMCR 2011.09.12

    "In sum, this volume is a treasure trove of data for scholars working in a wide variety of fields."
    Christopher Rollston in: www.rollstonepigraphy.com

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