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Keller, Simon


Series:Princeton Monographs in Philosophy


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    May 2013
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    Aims and Scope

    We are partial to people with whom we share special relationships--if someone is your child, parent, or friend, you wouldn't treat them as you would a stranger. But is partiality justified, and if so, why? Partiality presents a theory of the reasons supporting special treatment within special relationships and explores the vexing problem of how we might reconcile the moral value of these relationships with competing claims of impartial morality.

    Simon Keller explains that in order to understand why we give special treatment to our family and friends, we need to understand how people come to matter in their own rights. Keller first presents two main accounts of partiality: the projects view, on which reasons of partiality arise from the place that people take within our lives and our commitments, and the relationships view, on which relationships themselves contain fundamental value or reason-giving force. Keller then argues that neither view is satisfactory because neither captures the experience of acting well within special relationships. Instead, Keller defends the individuals view, on which reasons of partiality arise from the value of the individuals with whom our relationships are shared. He defends this view by saying that we must accept that two people, whether friend or stranger, can have the same value, even as their value makes different demands upon people with whom they share different relationships. Keller explores the implications of this claim within a wider understanding of morality and our relationships with groups, institutions, and countries.


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    Simon Keller is associate professor of philosophy at Victoria University, Wellington. He is the author of The Limits of Loyalty.


    "Partiality is about the nature and source of our reasons for partiality—a central but controversial area of the moral domain. Keller develops a novel account of these reasons, nested in an elegant taxonomy of rival perspectives and illustrated by a series of terrific examples that effectively distill the distinctive arguments under consideration. Partiality is exceptionally clear and stimulating, and I am confident it will quickly be recognized as one of the most significant books on its topic."—Sarah Stroud, McGill University

    Simon Keller's slim but lively book Partiality is a novel and original attempt to provide a justification for limited partiality within an otherwise impartial moral theory.---Michael Gibb, Oxford Journals

    Keller's treatment of partiality is original and valuable for getting a clearer picture on one's own commitments, both in the social and the philosophical meaning.---Simon Derpmann, Ethical Theory and Moral Practise

    "Keller's engaging book makes an important contribution to a critical issue in ethical theory. He presents a tremendously succinct presentation of the views."—Diane Jeske, University of Iowa

    [T]his is an excellent and engaging book.

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