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Redden, Andrew

The Collapse of Time

The Martyrdom of Diego Ortiz (1571) by Antonio de la Calancha [1638]

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    February 2016
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    The Spanish conquest of Peru, Theological view of history, Destruction of the Inca Empire

    Aims and Scope

    In 1571, Diego Ortiz, an Augustinian friar, was executed in the neo-Inca state of Vilcabamba (Peru). His killing, and the events surrounding it, marked the final destruction of the Inca Empire by the Spanish and the definitive imposition of a new order on the continent of the Americas. Ortiz’s story was recorded by the chronicler and fellow Augustinian, Antonio de la Calancha, in his Corónica moralizada (1638). He describes Ortiz’s missionary work and recounts his often-fractious relationship with the emperor Titu Cusi Yupanqui before turning to his martyrdom, the destruction of Vilcabamba by the Spanish, and the capture and execution of the last Inca emperor Tupac Amaru. Calancha’s account, meanwhile, exposes a very different way of viewing history from the one we are used to today as it simultaneously describes a teleological narrative while telescoping time into a single moment of creation—the instant time itself was created. This bilingual, critical edition is the first English language translation of Calancha’s account and the introductory essays contextualise these events by discussing the conquest and evangelisation of Peru, and Inca politics of state, while also drawing out this radically different way of conceptualising human history—the collapse of time.


    402 pages
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    Antonio de la Calancha, Augustinian Order, Diego Ortiz, evangelisation of Peru, Inca Empire, Inca politics, Peru, Spanish conquest, Titu Cusi Yupanqui, Vilcabamba

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    Andrew Redden, Department of History, University of Liverpool, UK

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    • El Dr. Redden expone con claridad, precisión y competencia de especialista el contexto histórico, político, social y religioso en el que tuvo lugar el "martirio" de Diego Ortiz. La edición bilingüe (español-inglés) de los capítulos 1-8, libro IV de la "Coronica moralizada", de Antonio de la Calancha, viene enriquecida con notas críticas a pie de página, que ayudan al lector en la comprensión del proceso de evangelización llevado a efecto en un particular marco intelectual. Enhorabuena al Dr. Redden por el trabajo realizado, y De Gruyter Open por la claridad de la edición on line.

      posted by: Rafael Lazcano on 2016-09-19 01:10 PM (Europe/Berlin)