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Li, Xiaochao / Xing, Jianli / Lin, Jianjun

CMOS AD Converters Design

Together with Tsinghua University Press

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    February 2020
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    • Addresses CMOS circuit design based on AD converters.
    • Focuses on high-speed AD conversion.
    • Also suitable for industrial users.

    Aims and Scope

    This book is a self-contained introduction on algorithms and architectures of high-speed AD converters and applications in analog and digital circuits. Converter-oriented methodology, workflows and performances of key modules are discussed systematically, and tools are explained in detail to walk readers through designing process. Written in a practical way, this book is an essential reference for researchers and engineers in IC industry.


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    Approx. x, 240 pages
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    Xiaochao Li, Jianli Xing, Xiamen University, Haijun Lin, Xiamen University of Technology, Xiamen, China


    Table of Content:
    Chapter 1 Introduction
    1.1ADC design overview
    1.2 Integrated circuit designing tools
    1.3 ADC integrated circuit design process
    Chapter 2 ADC algorithms and architecture
    2.1 ADC algorithms
    2.2 Implementation of ADC architecture
    2.3 Performance evaluation
    2.4 Speed, accuracy, power consumption
    Chapter 3 Bandgap voltage reference
    3.1 Voltage references with negative temperature coefficient
    3.2 Voltage references with positive temperature coefficient of
    3.3 Bandgap reference and bandgap voltage
    3.4 Temperature coefficient for bandgap voltage
    3.5 Bandgap voltage circuit
    Chapter 4 Biasing circuit and mirror current source
    4.1 Biasing circuit and concepts
    4.2 Mirror current source
    4.2.1 the image current source 80
    4.3 Resistance to voltage disturbance 91
    4.4 Amplifier bias circuit design
    Chapter 5 Operational transconductance amplifier
    5.1 Architecture of amplifier
    5.2 Common-mode feedback circuit
    5.3 Frequency feedback of amplifier
    5.4 Cascode amplifier 125
    5.5 Amplifier design and optimization
    Chapter 6 Comparator circuit
    6.1 Introduction
    6.2 Parameters
    6.3 Structure - Latched Comparator, Pre-amplifier Comparator, Dynamic Comparator, Chopper Inverter Comparator
    6.4 Increasing the accuracy of comparators
    6.4.1 the input offset voltage of 146
    6.5 Speed analysis
    6.6 Examples in practical design
    Chapter 7 Amplifier offset and chopper
    7.1 Gap between actual and ideal operation and amplification
    7.2 Bipolar differential input offset voltage
    7.3 MOS differential input offset voltage
    7.4 Chopper amplifier
    Chapter 8th Samples and MDAC circuit
    8.1 Basic concepts of sampling
    8.2 Switched-capacitor sample/hold circuit 190
    8.3 Error analysis
    8.4 MDAC circuit
    Chapter CMOS workflow and layout design
    9.1 Workflow
    9.2 IC layout
    9.3 Devices - N+, P+, n-well resistance, polysilicon resistor
    9.4 Latch-up effect and layout
    9.5 ESD protection and layout

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