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Yan, Jixiang

Optical Electronics

An Introduction

Together with Tsinghua University Press

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    February 2019
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    • Provides a fundamental understanding on photoelectronics via selected topics.
    • Discusses photoelectric detection and imaging theories and devices.
    • Presents an overview on photoelectronic statistics theory.

    Aims and Scope

    This book discusses light transmission and extends to more applied fields of laser and laser technology, photoelectric detection and devices, photoelectric imaging and systems with explainations on theories and engineering applications. Addressing the intersection between optics and electrical engineering, the textbook prepares graduate students to photoelectronics and can also be used as reference for engineers.


    xiii, 392 pages
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    Jixiang Yan, Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing, China


    Table of Content
    Chapter 1 Development of the basic theories - the nature of light
    1.1. The early ideas of the light science
    1.2. The electromagnetic theory of Light
    1.3. The superposition and interference of light waves
    1.4. Further discussion of the interference
    1.5 The quantum theory of earlier period and wave-particle duality
    1.6 A brief introduction to modern opto- quantum theory
    Chapter 2 Light radiation and radiation sources
    2.1 The mechanism of the Light radiation of the atoms
    2.2 The spontaneous radiation and the ordinary light sources
    2.3 The mechanism of the laser production
    2.4 The physical properties of laser
    2.5 The working principle of the laser
    Chapter 3 High energy solid laser technology
    3.1 The Fiber laser
    3.2 The thin-disc laser
    3.3 The zigzag slabs laser
    3.4 The heat capacity mode of solid state laser
    Chapter 4 Light transmission and the transmission media
    4.1 The transmission of the light in the uniform media and the interface of the media
    4.2 The transmission of the Gauss light beams
    4.3 The optical theory of the wave-guide in the plate media
    4.4 The electromagnetic theory basis of the plate wave-guide
    4.5 A brief introduction to the channel wave-guide
    4.6 A brief introduction to the coupling theory of the wave-guide mode
    4.7 The wave-guide theory of the semiconductors
    4.8 The new advances in the wave-guide theory
    4.9 The wave-guide devices of the insulating crystals
    4.10 The semiconductor wave-guide devices
    4.11 The application samples of the light wave-guide
    4.12 A brief introduction to MOEMS
    Chapter 5 The Photoelectric detection and the detection system
    5.1 The general description of the performances of the photo-electric detecting devices
    5.2 The working principles of the photo-electronic detecting devices
    5.3 The photo-electrons emission type detecting devices
    5.4 The photo-electric guide type detecting devices
    5.5 The photo-voltaic type detecting devices
    5.6 The direct detecting technique
    5.7 The heterodyne detecting technique
    Chapter 6 Photoelectric imaging and imaging system
    6.1 A general description of the photoelectric imaging system
    6.2 A brief introduction to the image detector
    6.3 The point spread function (psf) and the performance index in view of the psf
    6.4 The optical transfer functions
    6.5 The modulation and the modulation transfer functions
    6.6 The modulation transfer functions of the optical system
    6.7 A brief introduction to the photo-electric image system
    6.8 A further description of the performances of the non-scanning photo-electric image system
    6.9 A further description of the performances of the scanning photo-electric image system
    Chapter 7 A general introduction to the photoelectronic statistics theory
    7.1 The random variable
    7.2 The stochastic process
    7.3 The Gauss stochastic process
    7.4 Poisson stochastic point process
    7.5 The statistical description of the light source
    7.6 The statistical description of the light waves transmission
    7.7 The statistical description of the light detection
    7.8 The statistical description of the detectors noise

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