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Feiler, Jesse / Nayowith, Gail B.


Finding and Managing Risk in Nonprofits and NGOs

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    Publication Date:
    November 2017
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    • Making sure the mission statement and business plan are viable long term

    • Emphasis on Financial Risk and Risk Evaluation
    • Monitoring costs of production and projects
    • Volunteer risk management
    • How to monitor risk factors

    Aims and Scope

    The Nonprofit Risk Book guides you through the process of finding, managing and mitigating risks that sap your nonprofit organization's time, finances, and resources. The book will lead you through a systematic process of evaluating what you know best: your organization and its operations. You will learn how to build a list of risks and evaluate each one for its likelihood and impact.

    After assigning a priority to each risk based on its severity and determining the resources needed to address it, you will be able to create a risk register. From this, you will be able to plan mitigation actions to address each risk and set dates for mitigation plan review and completion. Learn how to use the tools nonprofit leaders need to manage risk in programs and other operations.


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    Jesse Feiler, developer, Apple technologies specialist, USA; Gail B. Nayowith, 1digit LLC, NYC, USA


    An important contribution to the discussion about risk in the nonprofit sector…The Nonprofit Risk Book, co-authored by Jesse Feiler and Gail B. Nayowith introduces the concept of "Enterprise Risk Management, an approach that looks at organizational risk and searches for patterns that need a broad approach to identification and mitigation." The book offers practical advice to persons responsible for the health of their organizations.

    Longtime veterans of the sector can only hope that this book finds its way to the syllabi of those who teach future nonprofit leaders and to board and staff leaders throughout the sector who will distribute it to their boards and use the information made available to avoid events similar to those that inspired the authors to write this book.

    —Richard Mittenthal, President and CEO, TCC Group

    This book offers solid guidance on where risks lie and how to leverage structures, policies, processes, transparency, and other tools to reduce liabilities inherent in the work. It’s a must read for anyone seeking to protect and strengthen their nonprofit.

    —Allison Sesso, Executive Director, Human Services Council of New York

    The Nonprofit Risk Book is a "must read" for every leader in the field. By not only destigmatizing risk by helping readers to appreciate its presence and potential in every organization, but also equipping them with the tools to identify and effectively address risk, Feiler and Nayowith are helping nonprofits to materially and sustainably change for the better.

    —Jennifer Jones Austin, Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director, FPWA

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