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Einhorn, Cheryl Strauss

Investing in Financial Research

A Decision-Making System for Better Results

Foreword by Blair, Tony

Series:AREA Method Publications


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    March 2019
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    Aims and Scope

    Every day, people around the world make financial decisions. They choose to invest in a stock, sell their holdings in a mutual fund or buy a condominium. These decisions are complex and financially tricky—even for financial professionals. But the literature available on financial research is dated and narrowly focused without any real practical application. Until now there's been a gap in the literature: a book that shows you how to conduct a step by step comprehensive financial investigation that ends in a decision.

    This book gives you that how.

    Investing In Financial Research is a guidebook for conducting financial investigations and lays out Cheryl Strauss Einhorn's AREA Method—a research and decision-making system that uniquely controls for bias, focuses on the incentives of others and expands knowledge while improving judgement—and applies it to investigating financial situations. AREA is applicable to all sorts of financial sleuthing, whether for investment analysis or investigative journalism. It allows you to be the expert in your own life.

    The AREA Method provides you with:
    -Defined tasks that guide and focus your research on your vision of success;
    -A structure that isolates your sources, giving you insight into their perspectives, biases and incentives;
    -Investigative resources, tips and techniques to upgrade your research and analysis beyond document-based sources;
    -Exercises to foster creativity and originality in your thinking;
    -A sequence and framework that brings your disparate pieces of research together to build your confidence and conviction about your financial decision.


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    EinhornCheryl Strauss:

    Cheryl Strauss Einhorn is the creator of the AREA Method, a decision making system for individuals and companies to solve complex problems. Cheryl is the founder of CSE Consulting and the author of the award-winning book Problem Solved, a Powerful System for Making Complex Decisions with Confidence & Conviction. Cheryl teaches as an adjunct professor at Columbia Business School and has won several journalism awards for her investigative stories about international political, business and economic topics. To learn more please visit areamethod.com.


    Bill Alpert, Investigative Reporter, Barron’s:

    "Why wasn’t there a book like this when I started out as a stock market sleuth?"

    Jesse Eisinger, Pulitzer Prize winning Journalist and Senior Reporter , ProPublica:

    "In an era dominated by algorithms, people have stopped learning how to think for themselves. Cheryl Strauss Einhorn’s Investing in Financial Research is the antidote, providing a system that will train you to analyze and synthetize like the experts."

    Paul Johnson, Adjunct Professor of Finance, Columbia Business School, Columbia University, and co-author of Pitch the Perfect Investment:

    "Investing in Financial Research is the most pragmatic, in-depth, and comprehensive hands-on guide for conducting investment research available. Einhorn’s process will deliver insightful, unbiased, and perceptive investment decisions. The book is a straight forward and systematic guide to clarity."

    David McCombie III, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of McCombie Group, a private investment firm:

    "Investing In Financial Research should sit on every investor's bookshelf between Graham's The Intelligent Investor and other seminal finance textbooks. It addresses a key gap in the finance literature, by explaining how to conduct financial research using a structured, replicable process that addresses the incomplete, imperfect, and often biased information we encounter in the 'real world.' I wish I learned this content earlier in my career—All of my employees will be receiving a copy of this book. "

    Joseph Platt, Director at companies including CONSOL Energy and BlackRock Liquidity Funds, a Trustee at Blackrock Collateral Trust and a General Partner at Thorn Partners LP:

    "I have been lucky to witness Cheryl’s work on her AREA method over the last few years. To me, it is a work of genius. Cheryl has literally broken the code on all aspects of critical thinking both left and right brain. Her work is for everyone from young to old. It is enduring and will evolve as more people adopt the AREA Method in their toolbox for thinking. Hats off!"

    Vladimir V. Korobov, Partner, Marcum LL:

    "Cheryl Einhorn, step by step, takes us through how to apply her highly acclaimed AREA Method to financial research. Investing in Financial Research is exceptional, easy to read, and complete with examples of the method’s applications. While the book’s natural audience is investigative journalists, it will undoubtedly benefit securities analysts and business school students, and should be an essential part of a reference library for accounting, valuation and finance professionals."

    Albert Luk, Portfolio Manager, Cayre Family Office:

    "Investing in Financial Research is a very thorough, thoughtful and well organized book and a must-read for any serious investment professional. Cheryl's deeply researched content, real world case studies, and tearsheets provide both a practical framework and applicable toolkit for readers to use in their own investment research process. This book is now a staple on my bookshelf. Thank you, Cheryl, for this contribution to the investment community."

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