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Fernando, Texeira da Silva

Workers Before the Court

Conflicts and Labor Justice in the Context of the 1964 Coup d'Etat in Brazil

Series:Work in Global and Historical Perspective


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    April 2019
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    Aims and Scope

    Law and justice are studied in this book from the perspective of social and
    global history. The main focus of Workers Before the Tribunal is to
    overcome traditional binary oppositions between corporativist and
    contratualist models of labor relations, the former representing a view in
    which the working class would have more autonomy in struggling for better
    labor conditions, the latter meaning the protagonism of the State in
    promoting labor rights.

    Teixeira da Silva presents three main arguments.

    First, he shows that the Brazilian labor justice system created during the Getúlio Vargas dictatorship (1930-1945), although inspired by Mussolini's legal
    order in Italy, is very different from the Fascist Magistratura del Lavoro.

    Second, in his comparative analysis with other national cases, such as the
    United States, France, Germany and Australia, the author argues that there
    was a large circulation of ideas and practices, resulting in a more complex
    dynamic of appropriation of international ideas on labor rights and
    institutions in Brazil.

    Third, Teixeira da Silva demonstrates that litigation in labor courts was one strategy of the working-class movement in Brazil, together with strikes and other means of confrontation. Therefore, he questions historiographical and political
    approaches that see labor justice as a weak substitute for class
    action. The "jurisdictionalization" of labor relations became a
    constitutive element in the making of the Brazilian working class.

    The book is anchored in the research of hundreds of labor litigation cases during the dramatic months preceding the 1964 civil-military coup d’état that inaugurated a quarter century of dictatorial rule in Brazil.


    Approx. xxviii, 300 pages
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    Fernando Texeira da Silva, University of Campina

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