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Wewege, Luigi / Thomsett, Michael C.

The Digital Banking Revolution

How Fintech Companies are Transforming the Retail Banking Industry Through Disruptive Financial Innovation

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    3rd ed.
    Dezember 2019
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    Emergent innovative financial technologies are profoundly changing the way in which we spend, move and manage our money, unlike ever before, and traditional retail banks are facing stiff competition. The global financial crisis in 2007–2009 led to large losses, and even the collapse of a significant number of established banks shaking the trust of financial customers worldwide. The Digital Banking Revolution is an insightful look at how financial technology and the rapid rise of financial technology companies have brought welcome changes offering flexibility to the banking industry.

    The book offers a unique perspective on the consumerization of retail banking services. It delves into the many changes that financial innovations have brought about in banking, the main financial disruptors, the new era of "banking on the go," and financial innovations from countries around the world before concluding with a discussion on the future of banking including optimizing structures, new strategies for business outcomes, and human resources in the digital era.


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    XVI, 122 Seiten
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    Managers and executives in finance and banking

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    "The Digital Banking Revolution captures the effects of disruption brought to the banking industry by emergent financial technology businesses. The author provides a fascinating examination of several companies who have recently developed new financial innovations and how they are demonstrably significant to the consumer."—Victor von Gierszewski, Managing Director, TNS Global

    "The Digital Banking Revolution is an informative read focused on the transformational changes facing traditional retail banks worldwide. It covers insightful well-researched analysis on: big data, customer engagement, disruptive technologies, mobile payments, and the changing financial behaviours of consumers, in particular millennials."—Michael A. C. Hart, Chairman and CEO, TPS Capital

    "The Digital Banking Revolution provides a unique take on the consumerization of retail banking services. It elucidates on how banks are facing increasing pressure from digital competitors, and how by recognizing these threats they can now go on the offensive by developing innovative technologies of their own."—Reginald D. Jele, Chief of Staff to the Minister of Finance, Republic of South Africa

    "The Digital Banking Revolution should be considered a survival guide for bank leaders, providing those in the industry with a strategic blueprint on how to adapt, evolve and succeed in this digital age."—G. Paul Warner, Former Private Bank Director, National Australia Bank

    "The Digital Banking Revolution is an insightful look at how financial technology has brought welcome changes to the banking industry. This is essential reading not only for the next generation of retail bank customers, but also for those who want to fully understand how financial services will be conducted going forward."—Thomas J. O'Rourke, Assistant Director, Banking, The Bermuda Monetary Authority

    "The Digital Banking Revolution is an absolute must read for those who wish to gain a deeper understanding of how innovative technologies are shaping the future of financial services."—Boris Simic, Senior Manager-Business & Financial Strategy, Klarna Inc.

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