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Robb, Thomas K. / Gill, David James

Divided Allies

Strategic Cooperation against the Communist Threat in the Asia-Pacific during the Early Cold War


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    November 2019
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    Aims and Scope

    By directly challenging existing accounts of post-World War II relations among the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand, Divided Allies is a significant contribution to transnational and diplomatic history. At its heart, Divided Allies examines why strategic cooperation among these closely allied Western powers in the Asia-Pacific region was limited during the early Cold War. Thomas K. Robb and David James Gill probe the difficulties of security cooperation as the leadership of these four states balanced intramural competition with the need to develop a common strategy against the Soviet Union and the new communist power, the People's Republic of China.

    Robb and Gill expose contention and disorganization among non-communist allies in the early phase of containment strategy in Asia-Pacific. In particular, the authors note the significance of economic, racial, and cultural elements to planning for regional security and they highlight how these domestic matters resulted in international disorganization. Divided Allies shows that, amidst these contentious relations, the antipodean powers Australia and New Zealand occupied an important role in the region and successfully utilized quadrilateral diplomacy to advance their own national interests, such as the crafting of the 1951 ANZUS collective security treaty.

    As fractious as were allied relations in the early days of NATO, Robb and Gill demonstrate that the post-World War II Asia-Pacific was as contentious, and that Britain and the commonwealth nations were necessary partners in the development of early global Cold War strategy.


    288 pages
    domino theory, Cold War, Vietnam, diplomatic history, foreign policy

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    RobbThomas K.:

    Thomas K. Robb is Senior Lecturer at Oxford Brookes University and a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society. He is author of Jimmy Carter and the Anglo-American "Special Relationship" and A Strained Partnership?GillDavid James:

    David James Gill is an Associate Professor at the University of Nottingham.


    Marc Gallicchio, Villanova University, and co-author of the Bancroft Prize-winning Implacable Foes:

    "Divided Allies is a stimulating analysis of the complex dynamics of alliance politics in the early Cold War. Thomas K. Robb and David James Gill skillfully weigh multiple factors, including domestic politics, in explaining the diverse interests and sometimes fractious relations within the ANZUS and SEATO pacts."

    Jarrod Hayes, University of Massachusetts and MIT:

    "Divided Allies changes the way we think about existing Cold War history. Thomas K. Robb and David James Gill's work will spark substantial research, and the book will be a rich resource for scholars in international relations, diplomatic history, and regional studies."

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