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Baird, Amee

Sex in the Brain

How Seizures, Strokes, Dementia, Tumors, and Trauma Can Change Your Sex Life


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    February 2020
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    Aims and Scope

    Amee Baird explores memorable cases of brain injuries and disease that have effected significant changes in sexual behavior and reveals what these exceptional stories have to say about human sexuality. Each chapter includes striking personal accounts, many from individuals Baird has met in her clinical practice, of unexpected changes in sexuality.



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    Amee Baird is a clinical neuropsychologist with a PhD from the University of Melbourne. Involved in research and private practice, she has published widely in academic journals and in The Conversation and is a regular media commentator.


    Mark Solms, director of neuropsychology, University of Cape Town:
    A compelling overview of our current understanding of the brain mechanisms of sex, written in the tradition of Oliver Sacks.

    Jenni Ogden, author of Fractured Minds and Trouble in Mind:
    The taboo on talking about changes in sex drive and sexual behaviors following brain damage is over! Neuropsychologist Amee Baird’s engaging case studies exploring this topic will move as well as educate the general reader and inspire professionals to incorporate this central human need into their patient assessments and treatments.

    Rob Brooks, director of the Evolution and Ecology Research Centre, UNSW Sydney, and author of Sex, Genes, and Rock ‘n’ Roll: How Evolution Has Shaped the Modern World:
    Amee Baird has delivered an entertaining and informative tour of the sexiest bits of the human brain, with real case studies from her research and clinical practice. In the style of the guru of popular neurology, Oliver Sacks, Baird captures the humanity of her patients. This book is at its best when it lets us into the lives of the patients and uses their cases to unfold a better understanding of the brain and what it means to be human. The sexual content is handled with great balance, neither prudish and euphemistic nor crude and voyeuristic. That isn’t easy to achieve, but achieve it Baird has.

    Justin Lehmiller, research fellow at the Kinsey Institute and author of Tell Me What You Want:
    Sex in the Brain is an intoxicating read about our most important sex organ: the brain. Baird’s book explores neuroscience in a way that is both accessible and engaging, and readers will be fascinated by the untold stories of how brain injury, illness, and disease impact our sex lives. They will walk away with a greater appreciation for the incredible diversity that exists in human sexual behavior and the way it is intricately controlled by the brain.

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