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Platnick, Norman I.

Spiders of the World

A Natural History

With contrib. by Jocqué, Rudy / Hormiga, Gustavo / Raven, Robert / Ramírez, Martín J. / Jäger, Peter


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    March 2020
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    Aims and Scope

    A stunningly illustrated natural history of spiders by one of the world's leading authorities

    Spiders are among the most versatile creatures on the planet, inhabiting six of the seven continents and thriving in environments ranging from deserts and rain forests to Arctic tundra and cities. Spiders of the World is a captivating look at these wondrously adaptable and endlessly intriguing arachnids, edited by one of the world's preeminent experts on spiders. This stunningly illustrated natural history features a wealth of spectacular color photos and covers a breathtaking array of spider species from around the globe, describing their behaviors, characteristics, and remarkable evolutionary adaptations. An incisive and engaging introduction provides an invaluable overview of the world's spiders, and is followed by 117 in-depth profiles spanning every spider family and presented taxonomically. Each profile is organized phylogenetically and includes beautiful photography to illustrate various species within the family. There are also distribution maps, tables of essential facts, and commentaries highlighting diverse aspects of spider biology, making Spiders of the World an indispensable compendium for anyone who wants to learn more about these marvelous creatures.

    • Provides a richly illustrated look at spiders of all shapes and sizes from around the world
    • Features hundreds of color photos and diagrams
    • Spans all 117 spider families and covers an array of different species
    • Explores spider behavior, attributes, biology, and evolution
    • Includes distribution maps, tables of essential facts, informative commentaries, and more
    • Engages and educates readers about the unique natural history of spiders


    color photos + illus.
    arachnophobia; tagmata; cephalothorax; arthropods; tarantulas; chelicerae; spiderweb; cobweb; orb web; wolf spider; armed spider; jumping spider; cellar spider; huntsman spider; orb-weaver; mygalomorphs; golden silk orb-weaver; crab spider; Australian funnel-web spider; recluse spider; grass spider; wandering spider; tangle web spider; Agelenidae; fishing spider; ground spider; spider bites; black widow; brown recluse; camel spider; garden spider; American house spider; goliath bird-eater; hobo spider; red-back spider
    General/trade;Professional and scholarly;College/higher education;

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    Norman I. Platnick is curator emeritus in the Division of Invertebrate Zoology at the American Museum of Natural History. A leading expert in spider taxonomy, he created the World Spider Catalog, an online taxonomic database of every species of spider known to exist.


    "Engaging. Platnick's concise and entertaining book will make a popular addition to the libraries of arachnologists as well naturalists who are interested in the world of creepy crawlies."—P. E. Cushing, coeditor of Spiders of North America: An Identification Manual

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