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Phonology and Phonetics [PP]

Ed. by Lahiri, Aditi



    Aims and Scope

    Phonology and Phonetics have had a tumultuous, if not always unequivocal relationship in the past. This relationship is now being invigorated from both sides, after mutual disinterest had prevailed for some time and disciplines, which are natural partners, were drifting apart. A major issue today is where best to draw the line between phonology and phonetics, and whether to draw one at all. This series aims to stabilize and strengthen the relationship and, by facing the big challenges, to ensure that phonetically grounded phonology and phonologically informed phonetics will have a sound future.

    The series is intended as a forum for the interaction of phonology and phonetics within linguistics. It welcomes joint phonological-phonetic ventures as well as initiatives from either discipline, as long as they are made with a view of the other.



    Series Overview

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