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Handbücher Sprachwissen (HSW)

[Handbooks of Linguistic Knowledge]

Ed. by Felder, Ekkehard / Gardt, Andreas

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    Aims and Scope

    Clear and concisely written, this series provides comprehensive insight into linguistic interrelationships. Each volume addresses a different linguistic phenomenon, rather than being devoted to a specific subfield. Beyond providing systematic descriptions, the series addresses historical as well as social language configurations, normative public opinion, and the significance of linguistic phenomena in key domains of knowledge and human activity.

    Intended not just for students and scholars of linguistics, the handbooks are also directed at interested academics from other disciplines, furnishing a sound understanding of the field.

    HSW 1 – Ekkehard Felder/Andreas Gardt: Handbuch Sprache und Wissen [Handbook of Language and Knowledge]
    HSW 2 – Ulrike Domahs/Beatrice Primus: Handbuch Laut – Gebärde – Buchstabe [Handbook of Sounds, Signs, and Letters]
    HSW 3 – Ulrike Haß/Petra Storjohann: Handbuch Wort und Wortschatz [Handbook of Words and Lexicon]
    HSW 4 – Christa Dürscheid/Jan Georg Schneider: Handbuch Satz – Äußerung – Schema [Handbook of Sentences, Utterances, and Schemata]
    HSW 5 – Karin Birkner/Nina Janich: Handbuch Text und Gespräch [Handbook of Text and Conversation]
    HSW 6 – Ingo Warnke: Handbuch Diskurs [Handbook of Discourse]
    HSW 7 – Nina-Maria Klug/Hartmut Stöckl: Handbuch Sprache im multimodalen Kontext [Handbook of Language in Multimodal Contexts]
    HSW 8 – Jochen A. Bär/Anja Lobenstein-Reichmann/Jörg Riecke: Handbuch Sprache in der Geschichte [Handbook of Language in History]
    HSW 9 – Eva Neuland/Peter Schlobinski: Handbuch Sprache in sozialen Gruppen [Handbook of Language in Social Groups]
    HSW 10 – Gerd Antos/Thomas Niehr/Jürgen Spitzmüller: Handbuch Sprache im Urteil der Öffentlichkeit [Handbook of Language Evaluation in the Public Sphere]
    HSW 11 – Albert Busch/Thomas Spranz-Fogasy: Handbuch Sprache in der Medizin [Handbook of Language in Medicine]
    HSW 12 – Ekkehard Felder/Friedemann Vogel: Handbuch Sprache im Recht [Handbook of Language in Law]
    HSW 13 – Markus Hundt/Dorota Biadala: Handbuch Sprache in der Wirtschaft [Handbook of Language in Economics]
    HSW 14 – Stephan Habscheid/Andreas P. Müller/Britta Thörle/Antje Wilton: Handbuch Sprache in Organisationen [Handbook of Language in Organizations]
    HSW 15 – Vahram Atayan/Thomas Metten/Vasco Alexander Schmidt: Handbuch Sprache in Mathematik, Naturwissenschaften und Technik [Handbook of Language in Mathematics, Natural Sciences, and Engineering]
    HSW 16 – Heiko Hausendorf/Marcus Müller: Handbuch Sprache in der Kunstkommunikation [Handbook of Language in Art Communication]
    HSW 17 – Anne Betten/Ulla Fix/Berbeli Wanning: Handbuch Sprache in der Literatur[Handbook of Language in Literature]
    HSW 18 – Alexander Lasch/Wolf-Andreas Liebert: Handbuch Sprache und Religion [Handbook of Language and Religion]
    HSW 19 – Kersten Sven Roth/Martin Wengeler/Alexander Ziem: Handbuch Sprache in Politik und Gesellschaft[Handbook of Language in Politics and Society]
    HSW 20 – Beatrix Busse/Ingo H. Warnke: Handbuch Sprache im urbanen Raum [Handbook of Language in Urban Spaces]
    HSW 21 – Jörg Kilian/Birgit Brouër/Dina Lüttenberg: Handbuch Sprache in der Bildung [Handbook of Language in Education]



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