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Killy Literaturlexikon

Autoren und Werke des deutschsprachigen Kulturraums

Founded by Killy, Walther

Ed. by Kühlmann, Wilhelm

Together with Aurnhammer, Achim / Egyptien, Jürgen / Kellermann, Karina / Martus, Steffen / Sdzuj, Reimund B.

12 vols. + Index vol.


    • Renowned encyclopedia, unique in its completeness, on German literature from its beginnings to the present
    • Extensively revised, updated and extended new edition
    • Includesmore than600 new entries on modern literature
    • Entries offer a synopsis of life and work
    • Revised by today's leading experts in German language and literary studies

    Aims and Scope

    Following extensive revision, updating and extension, publication of the second edition of the Killy Lexicon of Literature is now complete. This makes a new and improved edition of this renowned standard work of German literary studies available to scholars, students, and literature enthusiasts.

    First published in the period 1988 to 1993, the Killy has since achieved the status of a well-known and acclaimed reference work that includes bio-bibliographical entries on all important German-language authors from the Middle Ages to the present. It contains almost 8,000 easy-to-read articles which provide an extensive introduction to the featured authors, combining a synopsis of biographies, contemporary context and oeuvre that is unique in the field of German literature lexicons. One outstanding feature of the Killy is its broad approach to the concept of literature: this includes not only the greatest and most important authors of each era, but also journalists, screenplay authors, literary scientists, and writers of literary entertainment as well as all those who were literarily active and of importance to contemporary cultural life. With its extensively updated entries and bibliographies and the addition of over 1000 new authors to the range of articles, the new Killy gives an overview of complete German literary history, including the latest and most contemporary developments. This makes it an indispensable reference work for everyone interested in German literature, its authors and themes.

    The new edition of the Killyis published in thirteen volumes (Vols. 1-12: Authors and Works; Vol. 13: Index).


    Work Overview

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    • Ein wunderbares Lexikon, allen zu empfehlen. Andras F. Balogh

      posted by: András F. Balogh on 2012-02-18 10:42 AM (Europe/Berlin)