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Internationales Jahrbuch für Editionswissenschaft

[International Yearbook of Textual Criticism and Editorial Science]

Ed. by Nutt-Kofoth, Rüdiger / Plachta, Bodo / Woesler, Winfried

e-ISSN 1865-9446. Zurückliegende Bände nur noch über Schmidt Periodicals, Bad Feilnbach erhältlich. / Backlist is only available at Schmidt Periodicals, Bad Feilnbach.


    Aims and Scope

    editio serves as an international forum for textual criticism and editorial science. Articles provide information on major theoretical and methodological developments as well as the practical side of editing. Thanks to its international scope, editio facilitates a continuous debate between those subject fields that integrally involve the editing of texts. Regularly published conference proceedings, bibliographic reports and reviews afford an up-to-date survey of relevant publications.


    Work Overview

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