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World Biographical Information System Online (WBIS Online)



    Aims and Scope

    The World Biographical Information System Online (WBIS Online) is the most comprehensive and extensive biographical database with information on persons, families and groups from all classes and professions, from all countries and regions of the earth, from the 4th millennium BC to the present; herein lies the uniqueness of this data base.

    WBIS Online is based on thedigitization of the microfiche editions of K. G. Saur Verlag's Biographical Archives. For each individual Biographical Archive, the original texts of each biographical article from various reference works were taken, and facsimile reproductions were arranged alphabetically according to the person's name. These articles are reproduced in WBIS Online and as exact copies of the original articles. WBIS Online provides access to biographical information published in reference works from the 16th century to the present, not available as such an extensive collection in any library in the world.

    From alchemists to zoologists: the strength of the Biographical Archives lies in the variety of the biographies covered. Men and women from all centuries, all areas of society and professions are included, from science, politics, culture and business. Besides painters, jurists, farmers, physicians and sailors, it also encompasses journalists, clerics, aristocrats, writers and eccentrics, to mention but a few. It thus portrays the population as they were in real life, with all their achievements and attainments, along with their curiosities and peculiarities.

    WBIS Online gives the biographical data and facts on the person being searched for and the source from which the information originates in a clearly laid out presentation:

    • Name
    • Gender
    • Year of birth/ death/ Year Cited
    • Occupation and occupation classification
    • Short title of original source
    • Location of microfiche in Biographical Archive

    Unique in its extent, the database offers

    • Short biographical details and biographical articles on6 million people from all over the world
    • More than 8.5 million original biographical articles, published from 1559 to the beginning of the 21st century
    • Biographies of people who lived in and were influential in all countries and regions of the earth.

    The basis for searches in WBIS Online is the World Biographical Index (WBI), representing a complete index to the 57 Biographical Archivesfrom K. G. Saur Verlag, that are available in digitized format inWBIS Online. Biographical Archives covering one region are also available as packages.

    • African Biographical Archive (AfBA) Online
    • American Biographical Archive (ABA I, II, IIIand S) Online
    • Arab-Islamic Biographical Archive (AIBA I and II) Online
    • Archives Biographiques Françaises (ABF I, II, IISand III) Online
    • Archivio Biografico Italiano (ABI I, II, IIS, III and IV) Online
    • Archivo Biográfico de España, Portugal e Iberoamérica (ABEPI I, II, III and IV) Online
    • Australasian Biographical Archive (ANZO-BA and S) Online
    • Baltic Biographical Archive(BaBa I and II) Online
    • Biografisch Archief van de Benelux (BAB I and II) Online
    • Biographical Archive of Christianity (BAChr) Online
    • Biographical Archive of the Classical World (BAA) Online
    • Biographical Archive of the Middle Ages (BAMA) Online
    • Biographical Archive of the Soviet Union 1917–1991 (BASU) Online
    • British Biographical Archive (BBA I, IIand III) Online
    • Canadian Biographical Archive (CaBA) Online
    • Cesky biograficky archiv a Slovensky biograficky archiv (CSBA) Online
    • Chinese Biographical Archive (CBA) Online
    • Deutsches Biographisches Archiv (DBA I, II and III) Online
    • Greek Biographical Archive (GBA) Online
    • Hungarian Biographical Archive (UBA) Online
    • Indian Biographical Archive. India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka (IBA) Online
    • Japanese Biographical Archive (JaBA) Online
    • Jewish Biographical Archive (JBA I, IS and II) Online
    • Korean Biographical Archive (KBA) Online
    • Polskie Archiwum Biograficzne I (PAB I, IS, II and IIS) Online
    • Russian Biographical Archive (RBA and S) Online
    • Scandinavian Biographical Archive (SBA I and II) Online
    • South-East Asian Biographical Archive (SEABA) Online
    • South-East European Biographical Archive (SOBA) Online
    • Turkish Biographical Archive (TBA) Online



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