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Open Access Series

Library of Sinology

Ed. by Chen, Zhi / Meyer, Dirk / Schwartz, Adam


e-ISSN 2625-0624


    Aims and Scope

    Mission Statement

    Library of Sinology is initiated by the Jao Tsung-I Academy, HKBU. It responds to new material evidence of meaning production in Chinese cultures as made manifest through oracle bones, bronzes, as well as manuscript texts on bamboo and silk. Library of Sinology covers fields as diverse as classical philology and anthropology, philosophy and art history, linguistics and religious studies, literature and archaeology. By promoting interdisciplinary research in classical Chinese Studies and international academic exchange, the book series sets out to spearhead a transnational reconceptualisation of traditional Chinese ideas and their relevance for modern times. If you wish to submit a manuscript to us, please email sinology@degruyter.com.


    The Library of Sinology features both original studies from eminent Sinologists and promising young scholars as well as edited volumes emerging from high-quality symposia. The scope of the series includes language, literature, and history, ranging from philological research to cultural history. While exclusively focused on Classical Chinese Studies, the series covers a broad and innovative methodological spectrum across all periods, regions, and cultures.

    This series is unique because of its diversity and interdisciplinary perspectives. Sinology is itself not an independent discipline, and it is now widely acknowledged that the study of Chinese requires expertise across a number of disciplines and methodologies. Interdisciplinary approaches are therefore critical when re-evaluating Chinese culture and its place in global society of the 21st century.

    The editorial board of The Library of Sinology seeks rigorous, first-class scholarship that examines newly available sources and integrates interdisciplinary perspectives. The series therefore will not only be of interest to the scholars and researchers in the relevant disciplines and areas of focus; it will also attract the well-informed general reader, as well as university students, who wish to attain broader perspectives on the study of Chinese cultures.

    The publication of the series was generously supported by the HKBU Jao Tsung-I Academy of Sinology - Amway Development Fund.

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    Series Overview

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