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Berlin Studies in Knowledge Research

Herausgegeben von: Günter Abel und James Conant
e-ISSN 2365-6573

The Berlin Studies in Knowledge Research (BSKR) series aims to foster systematic research into the variety of forms of knowledge as well as to uncover aspects of their underlying unity. The conception of the discipline of epistemology it seeks to promote is a generous-one which encompasses a study of the full variety of forms, practices and dynamics of knowledge, as well as their mutually interacting points of contact and their respective mechanisms of interpenetration. It seeks thereby to bring about a reorientation of the discipline of epistemology, undoing artificial restrictions in its scope and achieving a greater appreciation of the heterogeneity of different forms of knowledge.

The series BSKR is associated with the Innovationszentrum Wissensforschung (IZW) / Center for Knowledge Researchat the TU Berlin, Germany.