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Integrated Security Science

Edited by: Genserik Reniers, Nima Khakzad and Pieter Van Gelder

The series on Integrated Security Science is aimed at publishing innovative scholarly manuscripts that make a significant contribution – theoretically or empirically – to all areas of integrated security. Of particular interest are articles that combine science, technology, and regulations to invent sophisticated yet practical solutions for securing hazardous materials (preventing from either intentional release of hazardous materials or theft of hazardous materials) in various domains including: chemical plants, power plants (nuclear, LNG, etc.), oil and gas refineries, pipelines, transportation of hazardous materials, drinking water systems. To limit the scope of the journal, the following areas are excluded: computer and information security if not integrated into physical security; law security from a purely psychological perspective; and international security (e.g., conflicts, wars, etc.).

The scope of the series includes, but is not limited to:

 Analysis of security challenges in major hazardous installations

 Innovative probabilistic and deterministic approaches to threat assessment

Vulnerability assessment of major hazardous installations under intentional events

Consequence analysis of intentional events with an emphasis on cascading effects

Security-based decision making and design

Optimization of counter-terrorism measures

Economic assessment of integrated security

Security issues:

- process, chemical (storage), pharmaceutical, and nuclear plants, oil and gas refineries, transportation of hazardous materials

- water distribution systems due to their capability of spreading toxic substances to large extents

Author Information

Genserik Reniers, Nima Khakzad, Pieter Van Gelder, TU Delft, The Netherlands
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