Test Cover Image of:  Das Mittelalter. Perspektiven mediävistischer Forschung. Beihefte

Das Mittelalter. Perspektiven mediävistischer Forschung. Beihefte
The Middle Ages: Perspectives in Medieval Research – Supplementary Volumes

Edited by: Ingrid Baumgärtner, Stephan Conermann and Thomas Honegger

The series offers an interdisciplinary forum for peer-reviewed, thematically focussed anthologies and selected conference proceedings, as well as monographs on topics from the field of medieval studies. As such it complements the journal Das Mittelalter. Perspektiven mediävistischer Forschung, published by the Mediävistenverband (Medievalists’ Society) and aims at covering all academic disciplines represented by the society. The scope thus ranges from the study of history and theology, Byzantine and Latin studies, to modern language philologies. Each volume aims at overcoming the boundaries of disciplines and of nationally-conceived academic traditions.

  • A new interdisciplinary series
  • Contributions undergo a double-blind peer-review process
  • Published in English and German