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On Wittgenstein

Edited by: James Conant, Wolfgang Kienzler, Stefan Majetschak, Volker Munz, Josef G. F. Rothhaupt, David Stern, and Wilhelm Vossenkuhl
On behalf of Internationale Ludwig Wittgenstein Gesellschaft e.V
e-ISSN 2366-018X

This international series publishes outstanding philosophical monographs and edited volumes about Wittgenstein. Publications may focus on his work as a whole or on specific topics. The series also addresses Wittgenstein’s life, his sources, and the impact of his works. The volumes are peer-reviewed and present state-of-the-art Wittgenstein research.

German-language contributions will be published in the series Über Wittgenstein, and English-language contributions in the series On Wittgenstein.