Test Cover Image of:  Sammlung griechischer und lateinischer Grammatiker

Sammlung griechischer und lateinischer Grammatiker

Edited by: Klaus Alpers and Ian C. Cunningham

The works of Greek and Latin grammarians and lexicographers provide extremely important source materials for philologists, literary historians and linguists, and for this reason they have been received with enthusiasm by scholars of language and literature since the Renaissance. The major corpora (the collections Grammatici Graeci, Grammatici Latini and Lexicographi Graeci) omit a large number of the - often fragmentary - writings of ancient grammarians and lexicographers, particularly from Greece. Many other texts are only available in very old editions, which are often incomplete and no longer meet the requirements of modern scholarship, and more than a few have never been edited to this day. The SAMMLUNG GRIECHISCHER UND LATEINISCHER GRAMMATIKER series aims to bring together important editions of these texts. The editions and collections of fragments now published are grounded in thorough research and evaluation of the various manuscript sources and the secondary tradition. Each volume contains a complete critical apparatus together with an apparatus of testimonies and sources and indexes.

Author Information

Klaus Alpers, Hamburg; Ian C. Cunningham, Minard (Argyll)/Edinburgh.