Test Cover Image of:  spectrum Literaturwissenschaft / spectrum Literature

spectrum Literaturwissenschaft / spectrum Literature

Komparatistische Studien / Comparative Studies

Edited by: Moritz Baßler, Werner Frick and Monika Schmitz-Emans

Today’s spectrum of research in literary studies is characterized by a sense of openness to the methods of comparative literature and cultural studies, along with a wide range of interdisciplinary crossover. The spectrum Literaturwissenschaft series is intended to be a forum for this pluralistic new model of literary studies. It presents papers that are informed by methodologically innovative, frequently comparative approaches, and whose findings are of importance well beyond the narrow boundaries of national philological horizons.


"[...] mit einem gelungenen Relaunch wiederbelebt. [...] So zeigt das ansprechende Äußere der einzelnen Bände den Funken komparatistischen Denkens in den Regenbogenfarben eines Spektralnebels, aus dem der Titel der Reihe hervorleuchtet: spectrum Literaturwissenschaft."
Peter Goßens in: Komparatistik, 2007

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