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Tillich Research

Tillich-Forschungen / Recherches sur Tillich

Edited by: Christian Danz, Marc Dumas, Verna Ehret,  and Werner Schüßler

Paul Tillich (1886–1965) was a thinker of international charisma and worldwide repute. His works provide important impulses for debates on theology, philosophy of religion and cultural theory. The series Tillich Research reflects on international research on this notable theologian and philosopher, the academic exploitation of his works with its range of different approaches to its reception and interpretation, as well as a diverse selection of themes and emphasis on them.

Author Information

Christian Danz (Wien)
Marc Dumas (Sherbrooke, Kanada)
Werner Schüßler (Trier)
Mary Ann Stenger (Louisville, KY)
Erdmann Sturm (Münster)