Test Cover Image of:  Judentum in Leben und Werk von Franz Werfel

Judentum in Leben und Werk von Franz Werfel
Judaism in the Life and Work of Franz Werfel

Edited by: Hans Wagener and Wilhelm Hemecker
In collaboration with: Katharina J. Schneider
The articles in this volume examine the various aspects of Judaism and facets of Jewish figures in the work of Franz Werfel. The topics covered range from Jewish assimilation through to Werfel’s attempt to define the relationship between Judaism and Christianity. The compilation begins with a biographical examination of Judaism in the life of Franz Werfel and concludes with an article on film adaptations of Werfel’s work; the volume as a whole gives a broader perspective on half a century of productive reception of this author, who died in exile in California.
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Audience: Scholars (Literary, Cultural and Religious Studies), Libraries, Departments