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Shylock nach dem Holocaust
Shylock after the Holocaust. The History of a Figure of German Collective Memory

Zur Geschichte einer deutschen Erinnerungsfigur

Edited by: Zeno Ackermann and Sabine Schülting

After the breakdown of civilization during the Holocaust, Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice quickly regained its traditional position at the forefront of the West German theater scene. Despite or indeed due to the fact that the piece exhibits problematic constructions of Jewishness in the figure of the money-lender Shylock, it became an important reference point and medium of difficult debates regarding the problem of German hate and German guilt. This volume discusses important stations of this contradictory reception history from the perspective of English and German studies, theater studies and commemorative history research.


"The Merchant of Venice treibt ein gefährliches Spiel. Das Stück ruft Antisemitismus hervor, um ihn zu bekämpfen.“ Ob dies, falls es stimmt, jemals gelingen konnte, ist ein zentrales Thema dieses Buchs."
J. S. in: www.literaturkritik.de

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