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Patterns of Episcopal Power

Bishops in Tenth and Eleventh Century Western Europe

Edited by: Ludger Körntgen and Dominik Waßenhoven
In medieval Europe, the death of a king could not only cause a dispute about the succession, but also a severe crisis. In times of a vacant throne particular responsibility fell to the bishops - whose general importance for the time around the first milennium has been revealed by recent scholarship - as royal counsellors and policy makers. This volume therefore concentrates on the bishops' room for manoeuvre and the patterns of episcopal power, focusing on the Eastern Frankish Reich and Anglo-Saxon England in a comparative approach which is not least based upon the research of a renowned medievalist, Timothy Reuter. His article about "A Europe of Bishops" ("Ein Europa der Bischöfe") is presented in English translation for the first time.

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Ludger Körntgen, Dominik Waßenhoven, University ofBayreuth, Germany.
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Audience: Libraries, Institutes, Academics (History/Medieval Studies, Church History, English Studies, Cultural Studies)