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De rerum natura

Edited by: Marcus Deufert
The edition offers a new critical text of De rerum natura. It has been established after fresh collation of the manuscripts and a critical evaluation of previous editorial scholarship. It is equipped with a critical apparatus, an apparatus of sources and an apparatus of repeated lines. The preface discusses the manuscript tradition of Lucretius and the way the text and apparatuses have been constructed.


"It remains only to add that this new text of the De Rerum Natura, by a scholar of distinction, will deservedly receive a warm welcome from Lucretians worldwide."Colin Leach in: Classics for All (16.05.2019), https://classicsforall.org.uk/book-reviews/titus-lucretius-carus-de-rerum-natura-vi/
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Edition: 1st ed.
Audience: Klassische Philologen; Literaturwissenschaftler; Philosophen; Überlieferungswissenschaftler