Test Cover Image of:  Libraries in the early 21st century, volume 1

Libraries in the early 21st century, volume 1

An international perspective

Edited by: Ravindra N. Sharma and IFLA Headquarters
This unique volume gives a truly international overview over the modern history and development of libraries and library technology in selected countries of the world. The careful selection of countries achieves good representation of library work on all continents, covering examples of both the developed and the developing world. A further volume with further national profiles is planned for 2012. This multivolume work represents an excellent contribution to international librarianship and allows comparative studies both at graduate and professional level. Many of the contributors are well-known authors; closely involved in the work of IFLA or their own national library associations.

Author Information

Ravindra N. Sharma, Monmouth University, West Long Branch, New Jersey, USA.

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Audience: Libraries, Institutes, Academics, Information Professionals