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Theatralität und Öffentlichkeit
Theatricality and the Public Sphere. Schiller's Later Plays and French Classical Tragedy

Schillers Spätdramatik und die Tragödie der französischen Klassik

This study seeks to explain why Schiller’s later plays, written after the reception of Kant’s aesthetics and in response to the French revolution, imply a concept of the public and the public sphere that is closely akin to that of classical French tragedy. The author attributes the aesthetic and political character of the dramas to their implicit relationship with the theatrical public. This historical perspective allows the development of a model of theatricality that was characteristic of classical French drama well before the era of Schiller and bourgeois tragedy.


“Eine scharfsinnige und hoch konzentrierte Monographie zur Ästhetik des neuzeitlichen Dramas.”Martin Bollacher in: Germanistik, Bd. 54, H. 3/4, S. 515-516, 2014
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