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Lexical and Structural Etymology

Beyond Word Histories

Edited by: Robert Mailhammer
Traditionally, etymology is concerned with the study of lexical items. However, in this book etymology is understood more generally as a research approach concerned with the question of how a particular word or structure came into existence. As a result, etymology can investigate the origin of words (lexical etymology) but also structural elements, such as morphemes and constructions (structural etymology). This pioneer volume assembles thirteen etymological studies over a broad range of languages, ranging from Europe to Australia and the Pacific, focusing in particular on Australian Indigenous languages. The phenomena investigated in the contributions comprise the origin of Australian Indigenous place names and kinship terms, constructions and word histories in Oceanic languages, typological investigations as well as papers on the methodology of etymological research. This volume is intended for a scholarly audience including intermediate and advanced university students with an interest in historical linguistic, especially in etymology, but also semantics, toponymy and language contact.

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Robert Mailhammer, University of Western Sydney, Australia

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Audience: Scholars, Graduate Students of Historical Linguistics, especially Etymology, Typology, Toponymy, History of Germanic, Austronesian, Australian and other languages; selected chapters can also be used in undergraduate courses.