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Volume 3 Morphology and Systematics


Edited by: Richard A.B. Leschen and Rolf G. Beutel
With contributions of: Miguel A. Alonso-Zarazaga, Robert Anderson, Luca Bartolozzi, Jan Bezdek, Lech Borowiec, Roberto Caldara, Lourdes Chamorro-Lacayo, Enzo Colonnelli, María Silvia Ferrer, Nico M. Franz, Henry Hespenheide, Pierre Jolivet, Bjarte Jordal, Alexander Konstantinov, Analía Lanteri, John F. Lawrence, Chris Lyal, Adriana Marvaldi, Duane McKenna, Massimo Meregalli, Jose Ricardo Mermudes, Geoff Morse, Konstantin Nadein, Rolf Oberprieler, Jens Prena, Chris A.M. Reid, Alexander Riedel, Alessandra Sforzi, Jiri Skuhrovec, Adam Slipinski, Petr Svacha, Jolanta Swietojanska, Fred V. Vencl, Krishna Kumar Verma, and Marek Wanat
This book is the third volume in the Handbook of Zoology series which treats the systematics and biology of Coleoptera. With approximately 350,000 described species, Coleoptera are by far the most species-rich order of insects and the largest group of animals of comparable geological age. This third Coleoptera volume completes the Morphology and Systematics volumes with 43 chapters and covers one of the largest radiations of beetles, the mainly plant-feeding Phytophaga, with information on world distribution, biology, morphology of all life stages (including anatomy), phylogeny and comments on taxonomy.
The largest and most diverse suborder of beetles. Comprehensive handbook. Newest systematic insights on this fascinating suborder. Morphological characteristics represented in numerous detailed illustrations and SEM photographs.

Author Information

Rolf G. Beutel,Friedrich Schiller University, Jena, Germany; Richard A.B. Leschen,New Zealand Arthropod Collection, Land Care Research, Auckland, New Zealand;Niels P. Kristensen , Zoological Museum of theUniversity Copenhagen, Denmark.


"This magnificent volume should not fail the library of any institute that conducts serious research on beetles."Ron Beenen in: entomologische berichten 5/2014 "This volume is certainly a milestone in weevil systematics and will be so for a long time."Rolf Oberprieler, CSIRO Australia

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